Disposer plusieurs tableaux sur un mur

Arrange several paintings on a wall

“Wall Art: Play with Arrangements for A Dynamic Decoration”

Wall art is a powerful way to transform the feel of a room. Explore creative layouts to bring a unique dynamic to your interior design.

1. The Personalized Art Gallery:

  • Mix Styles: Create a gallery by combining diverse canvases, from surrealism to abstract art, for visual diversity. Be careful, however, to maintain a certain similarity in the chosen color range.

2. The Triptychs:

  • Visual Storytelling: Opt for triptychs that tell a story through three panels, bringing cohesion to your wall.

3. Minimalist Symmetry:

  • Perfect Alignment: Create a minimalist aesthetic by arranging equal-sized pieces symmetrically for a streamlined look.

4. The Shelf Effect:

  • Shelving Arrangement: Install floating shelves to display multiple works, playing with heights for a captivating visual effect.

5. The Wall of Frames:

  • Structured Uniformity: Create a wall of frames with similar sizes and shapes for structured uniformity, perfect for a classic look.

6. Art on the Ceiling:

  • Look Up: Place artwork near the ceiling to guide the eye upward, adding height to the room.

7. The Wall of Colors:

  • Coordinated Palette: Play with a coordinated color palette to create visual unity, adding an artistic dimension to your space.

8. Cascading Art:

  • Waterfall Effect: Create a visual waterfall by arranging tables from largest to smallest, providing downward momentum.

9. Mosaic Art:

  • Artistic Assemblage: Create a visual mosaic by placing works of different sizes and shapes for an eclectic and artistic effect.

10. The Thematic Wall:

  • Focus on a Theme: Choose a specific theme, like nature, and create a captivating gallery wall around that idea.

Towards balanced symmetry or an eclectic layout, playing with wall art offers an exciting opportunity to express your creativity and personalize your space. Unleash your imagination and transform your walls into a living gallery that tells your personal story.

Find in our gallery a multitude of paintings and styles to accompany your interior decoration desires.

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