Our story


The story of InkConceptArt begins with an architect and a passionate artist. Mostly about artworks of the great impressionist painters of the 19th century such as Renoir, Manet, Van Gogh, Pissarro and Monet. In his practice, he realized most of his clients find it difficult to imagine their interior design. He was therefore regularly asked to give many advice regarding furniture, paintings and the colors to choose for a successful decoration. One day, he decided to take the leap.


By his artistic side, he began to produce paintings for his clients as examples for the layout of the spaces he had designed for them. He was surprised and delighted to see how happy his clients were enjoying his work and actually wanted to display them in the spaces the architect had first sketched out.


To take a step further and serve a wider clientele, he started to take a serious artist career, finding a printing shop allowing him to export first his work in France, then, to the international, with a great quality of print on 100% coton light canvas and bio-based materials. Talking about his story around him, he easily surrounded himself with other architects, artists and decorators in order to create together the online print-on-demand and personalized store InkConceptArt.


Finally, by working as a supplier and with many partnerships, InkConceptArt has now become the first French online store on the market that really takes care of the quality of the spaces created by the artworks while acknowledging the desires of its customers and guides them towards the best solutions.


And you, are you ready to take the leap?