Intérieur Industriel

Industrial Interior

Industrial style is an interior design that draws inspiration from old warehouses, factories and industrial spaces. It highlights raw elements, authentic materials and a robust aesthetic. Here are some key features of the industrial interior:

  1. Raw materials: Raw materials such as metal, concrete, aged wood and brick are signatures of industrial style. These materials are often left in their natural state, without excessive finishing.

  2. Architectural Openings: Industrial spaces often have large windows, exposed beams and open architectural structures. In an industrial interior, we seek to maintain this feeling of open space as much as possible.

  3. Furniture: Furniture is often made of metal, often steel or cast iron. Sometimes wooden furniture allows a touch of elegance, frequently used in today's industrial interior. Metal chairs, tables and shelves give a robust and authentic ambiance.

  4. Industrial Light Fixtures: Light fixtures inspired by industrial fixtures, such as pendants with bare bulbs, metal lamps, and caged wall sconces, are common choices for illuminating the space.

  5. Sometimes Visible Piping: Exposed pipes and conduit contribute to the industrial aesthetic. Rather than hiding them, they are often exposed to reinforce the raw and functional appearance.

  6. Neutral color palette: The dominant colors in an industrial interior are often neutral, with tones of gray, black, white and brown. These colors create a sober backdrop for industrial elements and make it easy to highlight works of art.

  7. Mobility of furniture: Furniture that is often mounted on casters or can be moved easily is characteristic of the industrial style. This may recall the practicality of furniture used in industrial environments.

  8. Rough Textures: Rough textures, like textured metal surfaces, unpolished concrete floors and exposed brick walls, add a tactile dimension to the space.

  9. Vintage and Reclaimed Accessories: Vintage accessories, reclaimed items, and authentic industrial pieces, like old industry carts, can be used to add a touch of authenticity.

  10. Industrial Art: Industrial art, such as black and white photographs of industrial buildings, abstract paintings, or metal sculptures, often complement the overall aesthetic. You can also mix industrial art with other styles, highlighting certain elements.

Industrial style offers a raw, functional, and authentic aesthetic that can be adapted to a variety of spaces, from urban lofts to suburban homes. It is loved for its uniqueness and its blend of functionality and design.

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