L'Art Abstrait

Abstract art

Abstract art is an artistic movement that developed during the 20th century and which differs from traditional realistic representation by not seeking to faithfully reproduce reality. Instead, abstract art uses expressive shapes, colors, lines, and gestures to create visual compositions independent of any figurative representation.

Characteristics of Abstract Art:

  1. Absence of Figuration: Unlike figurative art which depicts recognizable objects, abstract art does not seek to represent specific forms of the real world.

  2. Emotional Expression: Abstract art allows artists to express themselves in a free and emotional way. The works can reflect feelings, moods or abstract ideas without figurative constraints.

  3. Geometric and Organic Shapes: Abstract artists often use geometric or organic shapes to construct their compositions. These shapes can be stylized, distorted or repeated to create visually interesting patterns.

  4. Expressive Colors: The color palette in abstract art is often expressive and not realistic. Artists choose colors for their emotional and aesthetic impact, without necessarily conforming to reality.

  5. Gesture and Texture: Some abstract artists use spontaneous gestures and gestural techniques to create dynamic works. Adding textures to the surface of the canvas is also common.

  6. Lyrical and Geometric Abstraction: Abstract art often falls into two broad categories: lyrical abstraction, characterized by fluid, expressive shapes, and geometric abstraction, which uses more regular shapes and clean lines.

  7. Conceptual Art: Some abstract art movements, such as conceptual art, emphasize the idea behind the work rather than its formal execution. The conceptualization of art can be as important, or even more important, than its visual aesthetic.

  8. Evolution Over Time: Abstract art has evolved over the decades, passing through movements such as Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, and many others. Each movement brought its own distinctive approach to abstraction.

You will find in our gallery many abstract works of art created by us. They will beautify your modern, refined interiors and bring a touch of colorful value to your spaces. They will also be able to enjoy other interior styles that you can adjust with our advice adapted to each collection in the Abstract Art category.

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