Collection: Impressionism revisited

Collection Impressionism revisited

This collection aims to offer sensations close to the Van Gogh and Monet collections by revisiting the colors and painting techniques frequently used in Impressionism. With sunny landscapes and country houses in a natural environment, this collection shows how warmth is reflected in the spaces created. She also shows how light and its color play on our perceptions and emotions by sometimes binding to memories. She works more precisely on the drawing of objects and shows more than she suggests. The scene is a finished object that is not intended for interpretation but rather to allow us to project ourselves into this universe by revisiting similar moments often seen when we were younger during our country getaways. The bright, warm colors in this collection are designed more for beige and white interiors, but can optionally be joined with warm gray tones to enjoy strong contrast and optimal viewing. This collection aims to display works of contemplation, marking a time of pause more than a real atmosphere in the room although it reinforces daydreaming. It will therefore be perfect for a reading room, a bedroom, the end of a corridor marking a strong visual anchor at this point, or quite simply to soften the atmosphere of a living room.