Collection: Tree Portraits

The "Tree Portraits" collection is a bewitching series of works of art that highlights the majesty and power of solitary trees, standing proudly in the middle of various scenes. Each piece in this collection will transport you to a world of contemplation and reflection, where the tree becomes the symbol of quiet strength. These works of art highlight the sturdy roots of the tree, reaching deep into the earth to draw strength and stability. You will feel connected to nature and its ability to ground you in the present. You will find beauty in solitude. The soothing colors and serenity of this collection will allow you to immerse yourself in tranquility and meditation through observation and contemplation. Through this series of illustrations, you will be able to follow the seasonal changes of solitary trees, from their verdant leaves in summer to their snowy branches in winter. Each scene aims to take you into an eternal cycle of renewal and transformation. The collection invites you to reconnect with your inner self, find peace and regain a sense of mental clarity. This collection will blend with a wide variety of interiors. White interiors are preferred since they will highlight and bring out the masterful portrait of each of the trees. The collection will also go perfectly with wooded and/or vegetated interiors. It is also possible to combine it with pieces of warm and cold colors depending on the overall color of the painting. The collection can go in all rooms, night and day space. Only avoid placing it frontally at the entrance door in a hall since the work will have too strong a presence for this transitional space.