Collection: Urban Walks

The "Urban Walks" collection is a captivating series of works of art that invite you to discover the beauty and diversity of urban landscapes, and to immerse yourself in the excitement of city life. Each piece in this collection takes you on a visual journey through the bustling streets, mysterious alleys and impressive architectures of different cities around the world. Our collection celebrates city life in all its complexity and richness. Whether you are a building lover, a cultural enthusiast or simply a curious observer of city life, these works of art will allow you to immerse yourself in the very essence of cities and their inhabitants in a calm and contemplative atmosphere. Just like Baudelaire, you will become the stroller of an expanding urban world and that from your home. These paintings will bring a contemporary and dynamic touch to your living space, while inviting you to explore the many urban facets, from dazzling modernity to the hidden and intimate corners that make up the very soul of cities. This collection will go perfectly with interiors composed of warm and/or woody tones. It will also look great in contrast on a white wall, and this in all the rooms of your interior. It will give more depth while adding a feeling of openness.