Collection: Countryside Village

The "Countryside Village" collection is a series of works of art that invite you to escape into the tranquility and timeless beauty of a country village. Each piece in this collection captures the relationship to nature and the picturesque charm of these vernacular places, where time seems to flow at a more peaceful pace. Stone houses, traditional roofs, and flowerpots on the windowsills will accompany you during your crossing. Day and night, the collection will give you a peaceful breath in your interior by inviting you to take a break. By allowing you to increase the visual depth, it will give the feeling that your interior is growing, with the aim of creating a window on a timeless exterior. The collection is mixed in terms of its color shade and will therefore fit both cold and warm interiors. It is more designed for display in your living room or in your sleeping areas. However, it will not really suit the imagination of a hallway or a dining room.