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Countryside and Lavender - Inspiration Monet

Countryside and Lavender - Inspiration Monet

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Water Flow - Inspiration Monet

Monet Inspired Collection

The Inspiration Monet collection revisits the painter's original paintings and themes. With the grandest care, the French painter master of Impressionism Claude Monet (1840-1926) painted the variations of light of the moment in a rapid manner to capture them. These works embody the perfect reproduction of the impression he had of a place, even returning regularly to them in order to study again the variations of intensity and color generated. This is how this collection embodies the contemplation of a feeling more than of the place itself. Through it, you will find more suggested shapes than precisely drawn shapes. You will explore the way in which light shapes what we perceive and leads to a whole complexity of contrasts through an atmosphere discovered by the painter. Water has a major role in this collection since it is also through it that light is reflected and refracted, making us appreciate more what we find on its surface. This collection is for contemplative purposes and gives a sense of rest and calm in the room. It is thus perfect for a reading corner, or a bedroom. However, it can perfectly adapt to a living room, to soften the atmosphere, or an entrance hall to physically mark a feeling of rest upon arrival in the accommodation. This collection blends perfectly with pieces of white tones, bringing out the work and its desire to be contemplated. However, it can be combined with light rooms with wooden furniture, or rooms in cold colors.


Use :

Contemplation painting bringing a sense of calm and serenity to the room. Perfect in a bedroom or a space dedicated to reading. This table will go perfectly with a room of white tones. To be placed alone on the wall, it will give a real time of contemplation.

Another optimal configuration would be to place it at the end of a straight corridor giving an appreciable visual vanishing point.

In a living room, for example, you can position it on a passage wall or on one of the walls adjacent to your television, which will give the room more calm. In this configuration, the best solution is to place it above a corner sofa.

Tip: Do not add warm colors around the painting except yellow.

Available in size:

- (Small) 35.56 x 35.56cm

- (Medium) 60.96 x 60.96 cm

- (Large) 81.28 x 81.28 cm


Features :

-100% Cotton Canvas

- Natural wood frame

- Durable ink printing

- Frame depth 1.9 cm

- 2 canvas anchor points on the frame

- Easy to hang

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