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The Blue Lady - n°2

The Blue Lady - n°2

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The Blue Lady collection represents a series of three portraits made using watercolor techniques. She represents a moment of fundamental transition in life through the allegory of a pure woman who turns in sorrow and an awareness of nameless facts. The paintings are broken down into several aspects. First, the background colors are reminiscent of nature with shades of green, sky blue and grey. Seeking the contrast thereby highlighting the portrait of the young woman dressed in bright blue representing two elements, humanity (life in motion, aura and consciousness) but also the melancholy in which she is dive. Her pale face marks the sign of an unequaled purity that is broken by the pain felt. The contrast of blue on white created by her makeup also tries to remind us of this. The portraits thus allegorically represent the moment when childlike innocence is shattered and the difficulties of life finally seem to appear in the continuous cycle of existence.


Use :

The collection will go perfectly in a sober/minimalist, white place, or a place reminiscent of the cold colors of the painting. Avoid associating it with warm colors except yellow. The works being paintings of contemplation, they will be perfect to have in a reading corner, above a sideboard in a dining room or in a hallway to mark a break.


Available in size:

- (Small) 35.56 x 35.56cm

- (Medium) 60.96 x 60.96 cm

- (Large) 81.28 x 81.28 cm


Features :

-100% Cotton Canvas

- Natural wood frame

- Durable ink printing

- Frame depth 1.9 cm

- 2 canvas anchor points on the frame

- Easy to hang

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