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Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies

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Painted Ladies - Unique Piece

The Painting "Painted Ladies" is a unique piece (without collection) which seeks to represent the famous colorful houses in the Victorian style of the city of San Francisco, USA. It highlights the differences in color and the life that comes from it by creating a warm and powerful atmosphere. Allegories of each house are located in the foreground allowing the scene to be broken down into two stages and therefore to vary the contemplation by the discovery of two portraits and two faces for each color. The painting is made using watercolor techniques to soften the representative elements and go with the creation of a pleasant atmosphere.

Use :

The painting is perfect for bringing life to a space and bringing a unique and warm atmosphere. By preserving the calm atmosphere of the place by the strength of the architecture and the beauty of the forms created as well as by the use of warm and cold colors, its use can be mixed. It will go perfectly in a bedroom, in a hallway, at the top of a staircase or in your living room. It can be combined with a room in white tones, or beige, wood and even blue coverings as in the example below.


Available in size:

- (Small) 35.56 x 35.56cm

- (Medium) 60.96 x 60.96cm

- (Large) 81.28 x 81.28 cm


Features :

-100% Cotton Canvas

- Natural wood frame

- Durable ink printing

- Frame depth 1.9 cm

- 2 canvas anchor points on the frame

- Easy to hang

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