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Regards - Eclipsed Forest

Regards - Eclipsed Forest

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Regards - Eclipsed Forest

The "Eclipsed Forest" collection represents a series of works aimed at showing a mystical and bewitching atmosphere. You will discover the setting of a forest sometimes bathed in the diaphanous light of day, sometimes enveloped in the enchanting darkness of night. You will admire the rays of the sun which delicately pierce the dense canopy. Or else the blackness of the remote areas that emerges between the tree trunks. This collection aims to create a contrast between a sense of envelopment in soothing serenity as nature gradually unfolds around you as you step inside. Then make you feel the will to escape quickly while the moon illuminates your steps. By showing the same forest with tall trees, the collection seeks to represent several scenes of the same place to admire the fluctuations during the passing of the hours as Monet did.


Use :

This collection designed on the principles of watercolor is composed of cold tones and will therefore go perfectly with a white room. It will enlarge your room by instantly adding a distant vanishing point. By combining it with an interior of cold tones, it will bring real depth to your home by revitalizing with a natural look that you can enhance with the addition of indoor plants.



Available in size:

- (Small) 35.56 x 35.56cm

- (Medium) 60.96 x 60.96 cm

- (Large) 81.28 x 81.28 cm


Features :

-100% Cotton Canvas

- Natural wood frame

- Durable ink printing

- Frame depth 1.9 cm

- 2 canvas anchor points on the frame

- Easy to hang

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