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Back to Snow - Winter Valley

Back to Snow - Winter Valley

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Back to Snow - Winter Valley

The "Winter Valley" collection is a series of works of art representing an isolated village in a valley undergoing the harshness of winter. The snow covering the entire environment seeks to create a harsh atmosphere by reminding us of the power of the natural elements. Poetry is created by the humility that this collection seeks to give to men. A beauty and a symbol of purity that can destroy any foundation of our habitual comfort while marveling at the upheaval it creates on our habitual landscape. This collection will go perfectly with cold tones and particularly shades of gray to blue. It will also go well with wooded decors.


Use :

It is more reserved for night rooms and places of passage such as the top of a staircase, a corridor but also a bedroom. It will create a visual depth that will enlarge the room in which it is placed.


Available in size:

- (Small) 35.56 x 35.56cm

- (Medium) 60.96 x 60.96cm

- (Large) 81.28 x 81.28 cm


Features :

-100% Cotton Canvas

- Natural wood frame

- Durable ink printing

- Frame depth 1.9 cm

- 2 canvas anchor points on the frame

- Easy to hang

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